Michel Gondry's The Green Hornet has had more than its fair share of troubles - people don't like the idea of Seth Rogen in the lead, the trailer for the film was strangely generic and releasing a movie with a $90 million budget in the middle of January is never a good sign. For all of these reasons there's been a mass assumption that the movie must be terrible and that Sony has absolutely no faith in it. But guess what happens when you assume?

The Los Angeles Times says that a test screening for the film was held by Sony on Tuesday to rave results. According to a spy, 93% of those that watched the film said that it was either "excellent" or "very good" (the top two choices), with 83% saying that they would "definitely recommend" the film to others. Sony, in fact was so amazed by the results that Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures, was even heard saying the word "sequel."

Naturally, this begs the question what the hell is going on over at Sony? If the movie really is as good as it sounds, how have they managed to botch the marketing so badly? Obviously there's still two months left to right the ship, but they need to be hyper-aggressive about getting this film out there. If the movie were to be released tomorrow it would be a total bomb. Lucky for them, they still have 60 days to change the headline.

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