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I'm a recent convert to "Angry Birds," the ridiculously addictive and simple iPhone game in which you launch different sized birds as "missiles" at a series of towers and try to knock them down. It's one of the best-selling games of all time for iPhone, and because I'm writing about it I'm sure you know what's next-- someone thinks they can turn it into a movie. Variety reports that the game's creator, Rovio, is looking into turning the game into movies, and has been approached by several studios.

To be fair, they're considering adapting the game into a series of animated shorts rather than a feature film, which is a little more plausible. A trailer for the game that went online a while back deliberately mimics the style of old Looney Tunes shorts, so if some animation studio wants to focus on shorts the way Pixar has, it's easy to imagine them starting with a built-in brand like "Angry Birds." But animated shorts typically appeal to kids, and most iPhone game players are adults or at least teenagers, right? Isn't there a really small amount of overlap in the audience here?

Still, "Angry Birds" has brought me many hours of entertainment at this point, so I'll let Rovio use my 99 cents however they please. If movies give them more money to develop more games, that's also totally fine with me.

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