Of all the souped-up modern fairy tale stories in the works at various studios right now, the most interesting of the lot is Snow White and the Huntsman, which expands the role of the huntsman charged with killing Snow White and sends the two off into the forest on a quest for survival. Universal picked up the pitch from writer Evan Daugherty last week, and now The Playlist is reporting the studio is so anxious to get started that they've already got some cast circling.

Tom Hardy is reportedly the top candidate to play the huntsman, a character The Playlist-- having read the script-- describes as "tragic, heroic, but with enough roguish charms to play to [Hardy's] strengths. They're eyeing an unknown to play the young Snow White, initiating a massive casting call in England, but Angelina Jolie is reportedly interested in playing the evil stepmother, though that could get complicated given that she also wants to play Maleficent for Tim Burton over at Disney.

Universal is aiming to start production on Snow White early next year, which means it could wrap in time for Hardy to run over and play whatever role he's set for in Batman 3 with Christopher Nolan. Hardy is very much in demand right now, currently filming McG's This Means War and also starring as Mad Max as soon as George Miller gets Fury Road in shape to start. Not only does a role in Snow White sound perfect for Hardy, it means we get to see more of him, which is only a good thing for now.

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