I'm 100% in favor of the advancing career of Craig Robinson, who reliably scores on The Office and arguably outshone every one of his co-stars in Hot Tub Time Machine. But even though he's one of the many actors rumored to possibly take over for Steve Carell on The Office, his movie career hasn't treated him nearly as kindly--and as much as I hate to say it, it doesn't look like things will improve any time soon.

Sure his next project We The Peeples will find him alongside Kerry Washington and David Alan Grier, both actors with plenty of talent, but the story sounds as tired as can be. According to THR Robinson plays a child psychologist who surprises his girlfriend (Washington) at her fancy family's seaside get together, and he discovers--oh boy!-- the people in the family are crazier than his patients. Grier will presumably be playing one of the nutty family members, which will give him plenty of opportunities to cut loose and cross that delicate line from hilarious to irritating.

The film will be the directorial debut of Tina Gordon Chism, who also wrote the screenplay, so at least We the Peeples could benefit from a fresh voice. And Washington is a talented actress who doesn't get to do comedy very often, so it'll be interesting to see how she stacks against more traditional comedians like Grier and Robinson. And yet, I can't shake the feeling that if you've seen one "hanging with the kooky family for the weekend" comedy, you've seen them all. Any of y'all care to contradict me?

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