Critics and for that matter most online movie bloggers may have checked out shortly before the start of the third film, but if you’re part of the rank and file odds are that you still care about Shrek. We movie bloggers on the other hand, tend to care about Craig Robinson because he’s been in great things which you’ve never seen because you were too busy watching horrible movies about farting ogres. Things like Zack and Miri Make A Porno. Things like The Office. I know, you’ve never heard of them. But our two separate groups may soon have something to agree on, since it looks like Robinson is joining the cast of the fourth Shrek movie, titled Shrek Forever After.

This exciting and incredibly newsworthy tidbit was picked up by the guys at JoBlo from a site called BDK Reviews, where Mr. Robinson told them he’s playing Cookie. Not a cookie, but a guy named cookie. Of course with a name like that there’s a pretty good chance he’s edible, but the actual taste of the character is for now, still under wraps. Personally, I see Craig as chocolate chip.

The rest of the Shrek Forever After cast is pretty much as you left them last. Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz are all back. Should Myers finally retire from the making ridiculous amounts of money for minimal work doing a lame ogre voice, maybe Craig can step in for that instead. He’d be a much better Shrek.

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