It’s hard to be certain about seeing a film with an odd premise. That goes double when that film is a romantic comedy casting a comedian with flair like Steve Carell as a doleful man and giving Ryan Gosling creative license to be Neil Strauss with hair. That being said Crazy, Stupid, Love is a surprisingly enjoyable romantic comedy that just likes to do everything a little bit differently. Did I mention even Kevin Bacon came out of the woodwork for the film?

If you missed it, don’t worry. You aren’t alone. While Crazy, Stupid, Love did respectably at the box office, it didn’t crush, making $108 million worldwide. You’ll be able to remedy the problem on November 1, when Warner Bros. Home Entertainment releases Crazy, Stupid, Love onto DVD and Blu-Ray. A Blu-Ray/DVD/ Ultraviolet digital copy combo pack will also be a purchase option. A full list of extras isn’t currently available, but Warner Bros. has alluded to deleted scenes and two featurettes called “Steve and Ryan Walk into a Bar” and “The Player Meets his Match.”

An ensemble romantic comedy does not absolutely equate to critical success – see Valentine’s Day, or rather, don’t. But Crazy, Stupid, Love proved it could be as wrenching as Love Actually and as witty as the When Harry Met Sally’s of the world, with a twist. Minus an ending that perhaps dragged a little long, Crazy, Stupid, Love may have been the best little rom com this summer had to offer. See it. It might just warm you up as the winter is coming.

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