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Though the film itself has received mixed reviews, the first official trailer for Creation is powerful. It stars Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin, originator of the Theory of Evolution and as portrayed here, a man of deep conviction and passion. He's also a man with a tumultuous personal life and a wife who hated almost everything he stands for. When he shows her his completed manuscript for “Origin of the Species”, she rather vehemently suggests that he burn it. Later in the trailer, he meets a monkey. Ok, it's not all drama.

Maybe it won’t live up the expectations I now have after his trailer, but Creation seems worth watching. If nothing else, I plan to do so to support Paul Bettany’s never ending quest to prove Darwin’s theories by making so many blasphemous movies that, if indeed god did exist, Bettany would long ago have been hit by lightning. Start planning you Creation / Legion double feature now and watch the official trailer for Creation below: