As cliched as this is going to sound, the casting process for Freaky Deaky has lived up to the title. In early June Matt Dillon, Craig Robinson and Brendan Fraser all signed on to join William H. Macy in the adaptation of Elmore Leonard's novel about ex-hippies blackmailing a Hollywood producer. It wasn't exactly a star-studded cast for the ages, but it was a whole lot more notable than the list of names that replaced all of them earlier this month; all of the main actors departed, to be replaced by Twilight's Billy Burke, Black Dynamite star Michael Jai White, Christian Slater and Breanne Racano. No explanation was given, but a casting shake-up of that size can never be a good thing.

Now one more switcheroo has taken place, but unlike the others, this one actually makes me more curious to see the film. According to Variety Cirspin Glover is stepping into the role that Macy had been set to play, and Tom Arnold is in negotiations to play the character's brother. Glover's character will be the Hollywood producer at the center of the scheme, an alcoholic named Woody Ricks. Three more actors are also signing on, including former blaxploitation actress Glorida Hendry. If you can find a more random assemblage of actors in a movie this year, I'll be impressed.

Glover, the quintessentially eccentric actor known best, of course, as George McFly in Back to the Future was last seen as the unlucky bellhop in Hot Tub Time Machine, a role that riffed on his status as an 80s icon. Honestly you never know what he's going to bring to a given part, and for that reason I'm way more interested to see what he brings to the role of a Hollywood mogul than Macy, probably a better actor but also a more reliable one. Production on the movie is finally getting started in Michigan, so hopefully we'll get a look at what Glover brings to the table sometime next year.

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