Iron Man 2 is apparently going to be jam packed full of celebrities, from Bill O'Reilly to the usual Stan Lee cameo, but one of them will get a lot of attention or fly by unnoticed, depending on your tabloid knowledge. DJ A.M., a.k.a. Adam Goldstein, was famous for his DJ skills, for dating Nicole Richie, and for surviving a brutal plane crash before he died of an accidental drug overdose last summer. He also managed to fit in a cameo in Iron Man 2, playing DJ at one of Tony Stark's ridiculous parties and apparently helping the hero lay down a "phat beat" before, we're guessing, taking out some unexpected bad guy visitors.

Talking to The LA Times, director Jon Favreau said he struggled over whether to include the cameo, but in the end decided, "People who know him, they'll get a kick out of it and for people who don't, it will sort of slide by without much notice."

Apparently behind the scenes of the cameo, Goldstein was a constant presence on the Iron Man 2 set, sticking around for about a week and, as Favreau explains, "we set up this turntable and between takes he would give me pointers." Clearly Goldstein's death affected the Iron Man 2 cast and crew who worked with him, but it does make me feel better that the cameo might also go unnoticed This isn't a film for people familiar with the Los Angeles club scene or Goldstein's tabloid presence, it's a film for the entire world. Though it's important that the film honors him by including the cameo and a dedication during the end credits, anything more would have felt like overkill, or taking the audience out of the story completely.

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