Hot damn! I usually hate remakes (particularly remakes of films that I love), as each one serves as a reminder that Hollywood is slowly running out of ideas. But with the most recent casting announcements for the Coen's remake of the the John Wayne classic True Grit, it's hard to summon my normal snarky cynicism.

While it's been known for the past two months or so that Jeff Bridges would be playing Rooster Cogburn, Variety is reporting that Josh Brolin, who recently worked with the Coens in No Country For Old Men, and Matt Damon have joined the cast of the western drama. Damon will be playing La Boeuf, the well mannered lawman played by Glen Campbell in the original, while Brolin, in Jeff Corey's role of Tom Chaney, will be the man that the two heroes will be hunting down in Indian territory. The casting news leaves Mattie Ross, the 14-year-old who accompanies Cogburn and La Boeuf, as the only lead not yet cast.

There's a lot to love about Joel and Ethan Coen. They blow us away with an incredible Texas drama that cleans up at the Oscars. Then they get some of the most famous faces they can gather for a comedy about the CIA. This year they veered even further into left field, taking What The Hell Boulevard, and grouped a bunch of no-names for a darker-than-midnight comedy about an unlucky Jew, only to follow it up by putting The Dude in an eyepatch, pairing him up with Jason Bourne, and sending them into the desert to search for Brand Walsh. The Coens don't give a damn about how things are supposed to be done in Hollywood and God bless them for it.

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