I can understand the recession slowing down indie projects, or maybe the kinds of movies that require a gigantic budget. But Ghostbusters 3? A movie so highly anticipated it's taken 20 years to even start getting it made?

According to Dan Aykroyd, though, the recession is precisely what's getting in the way of getting this movie finally off the ground. At a book signing for his father's new book A History of Ghosts, Aykroyd was asked by Hounds TV about the movie's status, and stressed that there's no greenlight for the film yet, despite a finished script. "Until we have a greenlight, we can't stick the pump into the mega corporation and draw the honey." Meaning that no studio has ponied up the money yet, and those blaster guns aren't paying for themselves.

You may remember that Bill Murray was expressing some reservations about doing the film at all not so recently, though he was also claiming that no script is finished. So with these two sourpusses around, does Ghostbusters 3 have a chance? Someone needs to call in Harold Ramis to talk these guys down.

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