Dan Aykroyd is an icon of my childhood. Dan Akyroyd is a respected actor. Nowhere in this world does Dan Aykroyd deserve to be a tequila spokesman, particularly one reduced to wearing a lime green T-shirt bearing the logo of Patron tequila.

But so it goes when you make your career in acting and can forever after make a mint just by showing up and holding a product. Aykroyd was in Toronto last week promoting his own wines as well as Patron, and the Canadian version of E! Online caught up with him and actually managed to make him rap.

They also forced out of him a smidgen of talk about Ghostbusters 3, and seem to have asked him point-blank what he would think about Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen having a hand in the third movie. Aykroyd, ever the diplomat, responds "If I could interest Seth and Judd to be a part of it, that would be a dream." He probably would have said the same thing if the interviewer had suggested a shot-by-shot remake, recasting Dane Cook and Jessica Alba in the Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver roles. I mean, why burn bridges?

Aykroyd also said there are screenwriters working on a script for the third movie, which we pretty much already knew. Call me a non-believer, but that's one script I really hope never sees the light of day. Well, unless they let Dan Aykroyd wear his lime green tequila shirt in the new movie. Check out the very short video below and hear Aykroyd's thoughts.

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