With his non-Bond projects, Daniel Craig seems to have taken care to distance himself from the debonair spy, playing an ass-kicking Polish Jew in Defiance, or a completely blank character in the completely blank movie Invasion.

But when people are clamoring to see you wear a tuxedo in foreign locations, apparently you can't resist for long. Variety reports that Craig is in talks to star in La Bonne Annee, a remake of the 1973 French heist film in which a jewel thief gets out of prison and returns to Cannes for another score. No promises that he'll definitely be wearing a tuxedo in the movie, but after To Catch A Thief, it's pretty impossible to imagine a jewel thief on the French shore who isn't rocking a Cary Grant-style suit.

The movie's writer may turn out to be Joe Penhall, whose adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road is finally hitting theaters this fall, and who worked with Craig twice before, on Some Voices and Enduring Love. Apparently The Road director John Hillcoat also wants in on the Craig action, and is talking to him about another project. But only one gets to dress Craig up and send him to Cannes.

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