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When Liam Neeson finally walked away from Steven Spielberg's planned Abraham Lincoln biopic after years of waiting in the wings, we all assumed the project was dead--after all, who could better play Lincoln than the magnificently craggy and imposing Neeson? Well, how about the craggy and imposing Daniel Day-Lewis instead?

According to a press release snagged by Deadline, Day-Lewis has signed a deal to star in Lincoln, which will be based on Doris Kearns Goodwin's book Team of Rivals, adapted for the screen by Tony Kushner. The film is set to start shooting in the fall of next year, once Spielberg has wrapped up production on War Horse (currently filming) and maybe sandwiched in before he starts work on Robopocalypse, which last we heard was going to start shooting in January 2012. Honestly I'm not sure how he can make that back-to-back schedule work, but I'm guessing that given how much time Spielberg has devoted to getting Lincoln made, he'll make that his priority.

Daniel Day-Lewis may not have quite the same dead-ringer appeal for playing Lincoln that Neeson did, but he's closer to the right age-- Lincoln died at 56, Day-Lewis is now 53-- and has proven time and time again that he can do pretty much anything as an actor. Get ready to see Lewis in a stovepipe hat and not playing a murderous gangster.

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