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Typecasting is unfortunately a common result of the Hollywood machine and one of the hardest positions to break out of in the biz. Look at Mark Hamill. Because of his character in Star Wars we’ll always see him as that whiny farm boy from Tatooine. Despite the virtually unavoidable side effect of playing a lead in a long running series, we’ve all known for quite some time that actor Daniel Radcliffe is doing his best to break the chains of typecasting before they can lock.

Radcliffe took time during his seemingly endless work on the Harry Potter series to film December Boys, and more famously opened Equus on the West End in London as well as here on Broadway, a feat few stage actors have accomplished. If you weren’t convinced then that we’d keep seeing the enthusiastic actor back on screen without his circular glasses and lightning bolt scar, prepare to be wrong. A few weeks ago we heard that Radcliffe would star in All Quiet On the Western Front, an update of the 1930 classic war film, and now we’re hearing from Deadline that he’ll also be tackling a 3D thriller, The Woman In Black.

Of course, 3D will immediately make any smart moviegoer wary of a film, but we’ve all watched Daniel Radcliffe grow as an actor for the past decade and in our heart of hearts know that he will step up and give that typecasting one final swift kick in the junk. The project is based on the 1989 Susan Hill novel and is being directed by James Watkins, his second directorial effort. Watkins wrote The Descent 2, but his first film, Eden Lake, won the Empire Award for Best Horror in 2008 and earned itself three other wins and five nominations, so don’t let the unnecessary sequel he penned turn you off completely.

We’re all anxious to see what the three leads from Harry Potter will do now that they’ll have some new characters to play around with, so stick around as news unfolds around each of their respective projects. Also, after looking at the photo of Radcliffe above, is anyone else convinced he’ll be playing Dr. Who at some point?

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