Daniel Radcliffe probably should have had the hardest time of all the Harry Potter kids building an adult career for himself-- I mean, he's Harry Potter-- but he somehow seems to be having the most success. After a run on Broadway and a star turn in the surprisingly popular horror film The Woman in Black, Radcliffe is taking on the true test of a leading man with a flair for comedy: he's starring in a rom-com.

According to Variety he's now set to join Zoe Kazan in The F Word, with Goon director Michael Dowse directing the script from Elan Mastai that was on the 2008 Black List of best unproduced script. The F-word of the title isn't necessarily what you're thinking-- the story is about a guy who challenges himself to have a successful platonic relationship with a girl he likes, and who is also in another relationship. You can probably guess the whole platonic thing doesn't work out, but it will probably be run to watch Radcliffe and Kazan give it a shot. Radcliffe is a delight in interviews, and charmed his way through a stint in Broadway's How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. Kazan is less known, having not starred in a billion-dollar franchise, but she's getting great early notices for Ruby Sparks, the upcoming rom-com she wrote and also stars in opposite her real-life boyfriend, Paul Dano.

Add in Dowse and the surprisingly touching and enjoyable Goon and you've got a lot of good people coming together to make something that sounds really promising. The rom-com, as usual, is in dire need of being rescued, and while the setup for this whole thing isn't necessarily original, it's always the execution this counts. I think we can at least trust these guys to make a really, really strong effort at making something great.

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