Last Christmas my brother received a copy of Between A Rock And A Hard Place, Aron Ralston's memoir about a climbing accident that left his arm wedged between two rocks, and his decision to cut off his own arm to save his life. Yeah, it came illustrated with pictures, and we banished my brother to his room to read it by himself before the day was over.

Anyway-- the story is a fascinating one, and like pretty much any tales of triumph over tragedy, it's destined to become a movie. Luckily for us, Danny Boyle will probably be the one to make it. The Playlist has used their powers of deduction to figure out that the Aaron Ralston story will probably be Boyle's next film, given that he's said that Maximum City, a Trainspotting sequel, 28 Months Later and a planned My Fair Lady remake are all still in the works. Plus, there's this whopping hint:

"I do, but I can't quite tell you about it because it's not quite all signed, sealed and sorted out legal-wise. It's based on a true story so there were complications to do with rights, that kind of stuff. We're close to solving it and hope to be shooting in March next year."

The Playlist also has it that Boyle wants Ryan Gosling to play the lead role, a great choice by pretty much any measure. I'd love to see this be Boyle's next project, following in his usual trends of doing something completely different with every film. Can't wait to see if this is how it works out.

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