You read that right. Danny Glover is actually going to be in a movie that people might actually see that isn’t a Saw film. The long time actor keeps himself very busy these days, with about nine films in various stages of production, but if you can name anything he’s been in since his appearance as the president in 2012 I’ll be very surprised.

Variety has it that Glover has signed on for a lead role in Mentryville, where he will play a famous scientist who gets hired to create a vaccine for an airborne virus. The pharmaceutical company that hires him is described as “off the grid” so expect that there will be some sort of shady business going on.

Also signed on for the sci-fi thriller is TV actor journeyman Taylor Handley, whose streak of appearing on just occasional episodes of random TV shows was broken earlier this year by his role in Battle: Los Angeles. Handley is the last actor to be added to the cast of Mentryville, which is set to start production before the end of the month. Handley’s character and his friends cause problems when they go try to help his ailing grandmother stave off eviction and clean up her house. There are no details about what kind of complications they cause, but since the grandmother is a hoarder we can safely assume that the airborne virus that Glover is working to cure is in the house and will be disturbed when Handley and his buddies start moving stuff around.

The only other recognizable actor in Mentryville is C.S. Lee, who you all should know as Vince Masuka from Showtime’s Dexter.

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