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Rumors for The Dark Knight continue to trickle onto the internet. While some of the casting has finally been determined, that Ryan Phillipe rumor hasn’t stopped, with even the Internet Movie Database carrying the rumor as a factual piece of news yesterday. With no confirmation from the studio yet, we’ll continue to brand that as speculation.

The more interesting news comes at us via Batman on Film, one of the better Batman news sites out there. Apparently the Batsuit will be changing. No, there’s no real concern of nipples being added this time. Instead, according to their secret scooper, the suit changes will reflect ”the tweaks that Bruce Wayne would make in the suit as his career progresses.”. A different source suggests, “the appearance will not change dramatically, but will be lighter and sleeker than the one in Batman Begins. It may also be constructed to look more like heavyweight fabric and armour than rubber. I think that’s great. Over the years the Batsuit certainly has evolved, and the movies should definitely continue that… as long as the suit stays nipple free.

Other rumors will probably make most fans a little less excited. It would appear Katie Holmes is already in training for her part in The Dark Knight, which is rumored to be a substantial one. At the same time, producer Chuck Roven told Super Hero Hype that the script was still in the process of being written, and wouldn’t confirm who was or wasn’t returning beyond the names that have already officially been announced. Is Holmes’s role just a rumor or will she actually be back in a big way? Rovan also said preshooting will begin in January, with the bulk of filming starting in March.

The Dark Knight is definitely the biggest movie on my radar for the future. We’ll let you know more rumors, news, and gossip as we find it out.