Now that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is out on Blu-ray and DVD (in more formats than you can shake a stick at), collaborators who worked with Nolan on the whole of the trilogy have been coming out of the woodwork to talk about the various processes that went into creating what many consider to be the greatest superhero trilogy of all time.

Everyone, from composer Hans Zimmer to cinematographer Wally Pfister, has opened up about melding minds with Nolan. Now editor Lee Smith, who entered the world back with Batman Begins, has shared his insights with about joining Nolan’s team after working on Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World. That movie would earn Smith his first Oscar nomination, and his second came from The Dark Knight. Basically, Smith was Nolan’s right-hand man, and the insights he contributes in the lengthy article about the influences that went into the creation of Gotham are priceless.

This one, however, I haven’t heard before. While some say Inception -- and, specifically, the hallway fight scene – influenced the plane-hijacking scene at the start of The Dark Knight Rises, it turns out that a different movie, one that never saw the light of day, influenced how Nolan treated Bruce Wayne in the final Batman movie. Smith says that the concept of Wayne as a billionaire recluse drew from a Howard Highes biopic that Nolan wanted to do, but ultimately let slide. Now I want to scan the background of those opening scenes in Rises to see if Wayne keeps any bottles of urine next to the safe with his late mom’s pearls.

The rest of the interview is a great read, with Smith talking about the struggles to get Bane’s voice right and the appreciation they all feel when they get honest feedback from fans. Then check out The Dark Knight Rises at home, now that the trilogy can be yours to own.

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