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UPDATE: It turns out that the information that Collider received was incorrect. For the full details, head over HERE.

The last few weeks have been rife with controversy and the subject has been the voice of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. Since the preview footage premiered in IMAX theaters with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, fans have been worried about the fact that the central villain of the film, played by Tom Hardy, can barely be understood due to the mask covering his nose and mouth. We've since seen reports that have said director Christopher Nolan plans to alter the sound mix slightly, but will not do a full overhaul of Bane's dialogue. But what might that sound like? If you go see the prologue again, you might find out.

According to sources over at Collider, IMAX theaters across the country have received a new soundtrack to play along with the Dark Knight Rises footage. The information comes second hand - the source knows a projectionist who works in an IMAX theater - but it says that Bane's dialogue has been made to be more understandable. A big part of that has been simply reducing the volume of other elements in the scene, such as the plane engines. The article doesn't mention where the projectionist works and it's unknown if this is happening across the country or simply in one area.

While I could understand Bane's line in the trailer just fine ("When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.") I will admit that I did have trouble hearing the character when I went to see the prologue. Reducing the background noise will be incredibly helpful, but it does make me wonder what Nolan's approach will be while cutting the film. Will he pursue ADR sessions with Hardy or will he simply be lowering the background noise for the entire film? Either way, perhaps the new audio will get a positive response and encourage the director to do everything he can to help make his antagonist clearer.

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