When Darren Aronofsky's name surfaced on the shortlist for both Wolverine 2 and the crime drama Tales from the Gangster Squad simultaneously, pretty much nobody believed he'd pick the second over the first. In fact, a shortlist of all the directors being considered for Gangster Squad instead of Aronofsky leaked online, all but confirmed that he had passed. Still, Deadline now reports that Aronofsky has definitely set his sights on Wolvy, and is making sure he'll get paid bigtime for his trouble.

It's not that surprising to learn both that Aronofsky gave up his entire upfront salary in order to get Black Swan made, and that in making Wolverine 2 he's looking to make up for those recent lean years. Deadline writes that the deal he's striking with Fox involves $5 million up front in exchange for a 5% cut of gross-- a pretty sweet deal given that the first Wolverine was abysmal and leaked online in its entirety a month before release, and that thing still made money.

Aronofsky is expected to be closing his Wolverine deal soon, just in time to be pestered endlessly about the project during press rounds for Black Swan. Prepare for a lot of Wolverine rumors based on Aronofsky's vague statements in the next few months.

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