Darren Aronofsky spent about six years making The Fountain, his centuries-spanning, life and death-defying epic about... well, I'm still not entirely sure what it was about, actually. But despite trouble he had getting it completed, he's not deterred from making epics, and is actually considering doing his version of what may actually be the greatest story ever told.

Slashfilm has an extensive interview with the director, about his plans for Robocop and his attachment to Watchmen and all that-- it's a fascinating interview-- but they also got Aronofsky to talk about his planned movie about Noah's Ark. "We have an amazing screenplay. It’s a great script and it’s HUGE. And we’re starting to feel out talent."

Hugh Jackman as Noah? Anyone? Aronofsky tied the movie to the idea of environmental apocalypse, calling it timely: "Noah was the first environmentalist. He’s a really interesting character. Hopefully they’ll let me make it."

Universal's comedic take on Noah, Evan Almighty, just about destroyed the studio when it didn't do tremendous box office, and Aronofsky isn't exactly known as a financial sure-thing. So when Aronofsky says he hopes they let him make it, he probably has good reason to be concerned. But The Wrestler has been earning rave reviews, and he's been trusted with the reboot of the Robocop franchise, so clearly some studios trust him with their hard-earned dollars. A Noah's Ark epic seems like a terrible idea under almost any circumstances, but at least Aronofsky's version would be completely worth watching-- even if a major character, a la The Fountain, turns into a tree at the end.

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