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One of the biggest stories from this past weekend surrounded the amount of dancing Oscar winner Natalie Portman actually did in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan. Speaking to the press, Sarah Lane, who served as Portman's body double on the film, said that the actress only performed only about five percent of what actually ended up in the movie, which ran contrary to comments made by choreographer Benjamin Millepied (who also happens to be Portman's fiancee), who said that Portman did 85 percent of her own dancing. Now the director has put in his two cents.

EW reached to Aronofsky about the controversy, and, by counting shots, has confirmed that it was almost all Portman dancing in the movie. According to the filmmaker, there are 139 dance shots in Black Swan, and 111 of them are "Natalie Portman untouched" (math puts that at 79.8%). Delving into it further, in terms of duration Aronofsky said that most of the shots with Lane are "wide shots and rarely play for longer than one second." He does admit that there are two of the more complicated sequences used face replacement but over time he estimates that 90% of the time you are watching the real actress.

While if Lane had been correct, I could understand that she would want the credit for her performance, but in reality this whole business is fairly meaningless. Yes, Portman's dancing was absolutely incredible for an amateur, but it was the rest of her performance that made her the best actress of last year. Let's close the book on this one, shall we?