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Ever since Darren Aronofsky decided to pass on The Wolverine filmophiles everywhere have been curious as to what the filmmaker's next move will be. With multiple projects in the hopper, the director has many options, including The Tiger, Human Nature and Machine Man. Now it looks like he's decided on something a bit more...biblical.

Deadline reports that Aronofsky has begun shopping around Noah, the director's take on the Noah's Ark tale. The script was originally written by Aronofsky, but is currently being written by John Logan. The report says that Paramount, Fox, CBS Films [UPDATE: A representative from CBS has informed us that they will not be buying Aronofsky's new film] and Summit have all shown an interest in the project, and New Regency is open to co-financing. The director is asking for a $130 million budget and is apparently being seen as "a big fantasy epic." Before last year none of Aronofsky's films made more than $50 million at the worldwide box office, however Black Swan crossed the $300 million mark internationally last month.

Basically, Aronofsky sees an opportunity to get a passion project made and he's not going to let the opportunity slip through his fingers. I am, however, wondering how he will treat some of the gaping holes in the original story, specifically how a flood was meant to kill all of the fish and birds in the world in addition to every other living creature.

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