Last we heard about Darren Aronofsky's planned Robocop movie, it -- apparently the director had bristled with MGM when the studio decided they wanted the movie in 3D, and the whole thing had been put on hold anyway so that Aronofsky could go shoot Black Swan instead. The pessimists among us had assumed that it meant Aronofsky would likely leave the project entirely-- but not so fast, says screenwriter David Self.

Shock Till You Drop caught up with Self at the premiere for The Wolfman, and Self claims that both he and Aronofsky are still involved in the project. "We’re waiting for MGM, to sort things out since they’re a large corporation and it’s a situation where we have to be practical. We're waiting to continue with them, we hope that that happens soon and we can get back to it soon."

Not to analyze Self's short sentence too closely, but it sounds like he's suggesting surrendering to the MGM party line and going with the 3D, just because it means it will make the film possible. As they've watched Avatar fever strike every single studio and inspire them to put every movie imaginable in 3D, Aronofsky and Self have both likely realized that 3D is the way of the future, for now, whether they like it or not.

And the fight against MGM over 3D is likely one that Aronofsky will lose-- his Robocop will be fascinating, sure, and the studio is counting on film nerds like myself showing up to see what the creator of The Fountain would do with this beloved property. But Robocop is one of those self-propelling franchises that could be directed by a monkey and still debut at #1. If Aronofsky wants to put his stamp on the story-- and we really, really hope he will-- it will likely have to be in 3D. Hopefully Self's statements means they're coming around to an agreement with the studio, and once he's done mentally warping Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis in Black Swan, he'll be ready to bring back the Robocop we want to see.

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