I wish I had bought stock in character licensing fees from The Bible a couple days ago. Hot off news that The Fighter screenwriter Scott Silver is using Samson as a jumping off point for a new superhero, we now understand current Academy Award nominee Darren Aronofsky is looking at the story of Noah and his ark for his follow-up to The Wolverine. Don’t expect it to be a remake of Evan Almighty though.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the Black Swan director was surprised at how morally ambiguous and forward he found many Biblical stories on reread. “They’re not PG in any way. They’re all about sleeping with your brother’s sister who gives you a child who you don’t know. That kind of stuff got censored out of our religious upbringing.”

No financing is in place yet, probably because the last time Aronofsky did something grandiose we got The Fountain, but in order to woo potential buyers, he’s teamed with Canadian Nico Henrichon to put together a four part graphic novel outlining his plans.

There’s something to be said about a completely unpredictable director. Most find their wheelhouse and stick with it, but Aronofsky is content to flit about trying new things. I suspect many will question this decision, but his batting average is impressive enough to warrant the benefit of the doubt.

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