We don’t care where Darren Aronoksky makes this epic retelling of the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark. We just want him to get the project in the water, both physically and metaphorically speaking. So news that a major studio is nearing a deal to produce Aronofsky’s Black Swan follow up is promising.

The studio circling Aronofsky’s Noah’s Ark endeavor is Paramount, which would partner with New Regency to help fund what’s being reported as a $100 million-plus event picture. Deadline says bidding came down to 20th Century Fox and Paramount. Aronofsky made Swan and The Wrestler for Fox (under the studio’s Searchlight label), but no doubt angered the studio when he walked away from a planned Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman back in the lead.

Aronofsky’s Noah script, which expands on the story of the man God told to build a massive ark to prepare for a great flood, is being polished by John Logan, whose screenplays for Gladiator and Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator were both nominated for Oscars. Aronofsky’s also lining up some Oscar-winning talent for his lead, hoping to bring Christian Bale into the fold for what sounds like the perfect opportunity for Mr. Method Acting. Whatever studio gets on board with Aronofsky’s vision is going to need a star to sell it, because even though the director is coming off a massive financial hit in Swan, there’s always a chance that his $100 million Noah story could look more like The Fountain, and while I would appreciate that, the studio bankrolling Aronofsky’s Biblical gamble would probably be devastated.

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