One of the many ways in which you can avoid going a single day without seeing James Franco is his series of Funny or Die sketches with his brother Dave. They range from the original classic "Acting with James Franco" to the recent 127 Hours-pushing "Christmas Greetings from the Francos", and they're pretty much always funny-- the first hint we got at how funny James Franco is came from these videos. Dave Franco hasn't exactly had the meteoric career rise that his brother had, but he's no slouch, and has been working on a few more web series and, yes, a feature film.

As he told MTV, he's been writing a feature film script that wouldn't just star himself and his brother, but would be about their own lives and their family in Palo Alto. Here's the gist of what he was willing to reveal:

Without giving away too much, it all takes place around Thanksgiving and Christmas break around our hometown of Palo Alto [California]. Our real family will be in it, my real friends from home will be in it, and the vibe of it is going to be an extended version of our Funny or Die videos. It's going to be difficult for me, because it's now a 90-minute version of him giving me sh-- and making fun of me.

It's not surprising that they'd want to do a longer take on "Acting with James Franco" given how successful the shorts have been, but does anyone think there's enough material there for an entire feature? I don't' want to doubt the endless creative abilities of the Franco boys or anything, but… 90 minutes of James giving Dave shit? I'm perfectly willing to be humbled when this turns out to be genius, but for now I reserve the right to be intrigued but skeptical.

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