Dave Franco Meet the Fockers

I asked Dave Franco about the Neighbors trailers, which give away a lot of the film’s jokes (without revealing the best of the bunch).

"What’s in there?" he asks. "They show the air-bag bit?"

He’s referring to Seth Rogen being blasted out of his office chair and into the ceiling by air bags the frat kids stole from Rose Byrne’s car. Franco adds, "I’ve seen the film now twice, and by this point, you would assume that most of the people had seen the trailers and commercials. But the air-bag scene still plays bigger than probably 90% of the jokes in the whole movie. There’s a weird thing I read one time where people, in general, laugh harder still at the jokes that are in the trailer! Maybe they know that it’s a moment they are supposed to laugh at. I don’t know the psychology behind that."

Part of the air-bag gag can be seen in this TV spot:

I asked Franco which Neighbors joke he wishes they left out of the marketing campaign, and he referenced the impeccable Robert De Niro impersonation he pulls off for the frat’s De Niro party. As you can see in the above photo, Franco mimics De Niro from his Meet the Parents days, talking about Seth Rogen violating "the circle of trust" and upsetting the cat, Mr. Jinx.

"Everyone knew that scene was going to pop, just because it was so outlandish," Dave Franco said. "The outfits turned out so well, and everyone was doing different degrees of a De Niro impression, and that worked well off of each other. It’s one of those things where you see two seconds of that scene, and you don’t care what the context is, you’re in, and you know that it’s going to be a good time."

Audience can begin having a good time with Neighbors when it opens in theaters on May 9.

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