After having a hand in Training Day, S.W.A.T., Dark Blue, Street Kings and Harsh Times, David Ayer has carved out a niche for himself writing and/or directing LAPD-centered dark dramas. With that in mind I'll give you five guesses to figure out what his next project will be. Give up? Gritty cop drama! Variety reports that Ayer's next project will be End of Watch, with Jake Gyllenhaal currently in early talks to star. Though plot details are thin, the story is said to revolve around two police force partners.

Given that Ayer grew up in South Central, Los Angeles I can understand why he would stick with the genre (it's always easier to write what you know), but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Also not helping is that Training Day is the only film listed above that received an overwhelmingly positive consensus from critics. The only other movie to do that on Ayer's resume? U-571, a German submarine that doesn't have a single LAPD officer in it.

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