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We're very used to bemoaning remakes of classic films, but it's something completely different to see a filmmaker, a respected filmmaker at that, participate in a remake of his own movie. Somehow, in some way, David Cronenberg has been sucked into that trap. According to THR, Cronenberg has signed on to remake The Fly, the 1986 movie in which Jeff Goldblum turns into, well, a fly.

Yeah, sure, Alfred Hitchcock remade The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Michael Haneke decided he needed to specifically punish Americans when he made an English-language version of Funny Games. But Cronenberg has always seemed like a filmmaker who moves forward, not the kind who revisits his own work. He should consider himself lucky he's not out promoting any movies at the moment, because otherwise he'd be faced with a litany of geek questions that would never, ever end.