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Chess anyone? According to Variety, Columbia Pictures has brought on director David Fincher (Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club) to helm the upcoming feature Pawn Sacrifice. This movie will be a biopic about the late, brilliant and troubled chess genius Bobby Fischer’s life leading up to his Cold War World Championship match against a Russian player, Boris Spassky.

Fincher has a great track record; so taking on a movie about one of the most brilliant and confusing characters of the twentieth century is encouraging. Making a film about chess is no easy task, but considering it will focus on one of the greatest minds in the last century, it certainly has potential. It is also of note that the movie will deal more with Fischer’s rise to fame rather than his fall from grace (renouncing US citizenship and basically going crazy). Pawn Sacrifice also presents the opportunity for chess fans to see a movie about the former world champion after having been given the old bait and switch with Searching for Bobby Fischer.

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