You may not know his name, but everyone in America has seen David Koepp's work. Remember that Spielberg movie about dinosaurs that came out in 1993? Koepp wrote it. Remember its sequel in 1997? Koepp wrote it. Remember that film about that superhero with spider powers from 2002? Koepp wrote it. Remember the most recent Indiana Jones movie and how it made you want to vomit blood? Koepp wrote that, too. He is the go-to man for blockbusters in Hollywood, but always gets overshadowed by the bigger name (Spielberg, Lucas) or the bigger character. He has also been directing since 1994, but has yet to have the same success that he has had as a writer. That, however, may change very soon.

Variety is reporting that Sony has tapped Koepp to direct Premium Rush, a big-budget action film scripted by John Kamps, whom Koepp previously worked with on Ghost Town and Zathura. The film centers on a bike messenger in New York City who is given an envelope with information that a dirty cop is desperate to claim. Think of it as 16 Blocks with Bruce Willis replaced by a twenty-something delivery boy and Mos Def replaced by a piece of paper.

If the movie goes on to be a huge hit, Koepp would become every screenwriter's dream incarnate. While part of me wants him to fail after what he did to one of my most beloved characters, everyone knows that it was Lucas' hand that pushed the Indiana Jones franchise off a cliff. So I say God's speed Mr. Koepp. Just don't fuck up that badly ever again.

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