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Since October of last year, when David O. Russell signed on to direct the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, the director's attention has been all over the map. In the seven months since, Russell's name has been mentioned in stories about 2 Guns, Cocaine Cowboys, a Russ Meyer biopic, The Fighter 2, and The Silver Linings Playbook. What I'm trying to say is that we should have seen this story coming.

Variety is reporting that David O. Russell is no longer attached to the adventure-genre video game adaptation. While the filmmaker was set to direct, write and produce the project, apparently creative differences with the studio got in the way and he will no longer be making the movie. Rumored to involve what was described as a "family plot," the cast includes Mark Wahlberg (who is attached to star as Nathan Drake), Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci. This is the second time in recent years that Russell has bailed on a high profile project, the first being Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which will be directed by Craig Gillespie.

I really think that this is for the best. Russell's most certainly a talented director, but Uncharted isn't exactly material that fits into his wheelhouse. It's also worth mentioning that the history of movies based on video games is riddled with nothing but failures and I think everyone can agree that Russell is better suited spending his time doing something else. So with Russell out of the picture, let's ask the big question: who would you like to see take his place?

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