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This past weekend I did myself a favor and went out to buy The Fighter on Blu-ray. Watching it for the first time since the world premiere all the way back in November, I realized that a sequel would be an absolutely horrendous idea. The Fighter 2, of course, would focus on Micky Ward's trilogy of fights against Arturo Gatti, but what made the first film great wasn't the boxing bouts but the family drama between his mother/manger and brother/trainer. With those relationships resolved by the end of The Fighter, it's hard to imagine where a sequel could go. Still, apparently David O. Russell has an idea where to take it and is prepared to write it himself.

Speaking with MTV, the director repeated how much he loved working on the first film and remarked how much he loved the characters and has faith that they "could do a lot of fun and interesting stuff." He even went as far as to say that should he be given the opportunity, he's "ready to write it." Unlike all of Russell's previous features, he actually didn't write the The Fighter, Scott Silver, Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson taking credit for that.

Between Uncharted, 2 Guns, the Russ Meyer biopic, and Cocaine Cowboys, David O. Russell already has a overfilled upcoming slate. Let's hope that The Fighter 2 is something that ends up on the permanent backburner.