When WB assigned Chris Nolan the job of shepherding another reboot of the Superman franchise, it was fair to assume he'd be hiring some of his familiar collaborators, like his screenwriter brother Jonathan. Now Latino Review says that our suspicions about Nolan's loyalties were correct-- David S. Goyer, who wrote Batman Begins and contributed to the script for The Dark Knight, will be writing the new Superman film, titled Man of Steel.

Their scooper got a few details about what Goyer has planned, including the fact that it's not an origin story-- good news for anyone already familiar with Lois Lane and such, which is pretty much everyone on the planet. He's also considering Lex Luthor as a villain, but also Brainiac, the alien android with the power to shrink cities who has shown up in several Superman incarnations. Sounds like a good way to tap into the emotional, alien part of Superman-- something Nolan was likely to focus on given his leanings toward troubled heroes-- without going all Bryan Singer emo on it.

Speaking of Singer, LR's source that Singer is not likely to be involved, which we also kind of guessed from the beginning. More to come as the Goyer news is likely to be confirmed, and the geek-friendly writer quite possibly gives us more information about where he's going.

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