When the news came out that Darren Aronofsky would be the one to direct Wolverine 2, now known as The Wolverine, it was fairly surprising. After all, the man was better known for making low-budget, Oscar-caliber films like Requiem For A Dream and The Wrestler - not blockbuster superhero fare. But there was one person among us who was even more surprised by Aronofsky taking the job: director David Slade.

HitFlix recently spoke with the Twilight: Eclipse director who revealed that he was all but set to direct the Wolverine sequel when Aronofsky swooped in and basically stole it from him. According to Slade, he had already taken meetings at Fox and had met with producer-star Hugh Jackman and they "were all ready to go." Then, said the director, Aronofsky showed up, who previously directed Jackman in The Fountain and things all just slipped away from him. "“Well, the girlfriend’s come back," Slade said. "I can either put up a fight here or I can just let nature take its course."

You have to feel bad for David Slade here. Sure, Aronofsky is an absolutely brilliant director who has made some absolutely stunning films, but it never feels good to have the carpet pulled out from under you. All I can do is hear studio execs sitting him down and saying, "I'm sorry, we've decided to go in another direction." To borrow Slade's metaphor, that's worse than "It's not you, it's me."

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