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Well it’s taken a decade but I think it’s safe to say that David Spade is very over the death of his good friend Chris Farley. He’s so over it in fact, that he willingly participated in the following piece of advertising gone too far.

The video below is an ad for DirectTV. Maybe you’ve seen some of their other ads in which they yank scenes from popular movies and use them to advertise their product. Shatner did one, in which he’s digitally re-inserted onto the bridge of the Enterprise to yammer on about how awesome DirectTV is. Well now they’ve done it with Chris Farley’s most iconic moment in Tommy Boy. Remember the Fat Guy in a Little Coat bit? Remember how great that was? Now you can relive it in the creepiest way possible. Chris Farley may be dead, but DirectTV is so awesome he’ll come back from the grave to pitch it… with a little help from the definitely not dead David Spade who is digitally re-inserted to deliver the DirectTV pitch while the ghost of his deceased partner plays the corporate monkey.

In case you can’t tell, I find the above video utterly distasteful. Seriously Spade, what the hell were you thinking? Granted this isn’t the first time DirectTV has dug up the corpse of some dead celebrity to advertise their shlock. They did it with John Wayne too. But somehow it just seems creepy and wrong here, since the scene requires David Spade to mock Farley and since modern day, post-Farley death Spade is actually involved. On the plus side, even turned into an unwilling corporate shill… Chris Farley is still goddamn funny. You’re missed Chris.

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