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UPDATE: Regrettably, we’ve had to remove our review of the Deadpool script from this page and Cinema Blend. The review contained absolutely no content quoted or taken from the 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool script, nor did it promote or enable the downloading or reading of the script elsewhere. Additionally, it contained very few spoilers and almost no plot synopsis of any kind. Unfortunately the Fox Entertainment Group’s intellectual property counsel has notified us that, in spite of this, they believe the review violated their rights to Deadpool. According to the take down notice we received, they believe that the disclosure of “uncontrolled information” about their film before its release damages their rights, and so they’ve demanded the removal of the content on this page.

Our sincerest apologies, we did not anticipate this kind of response from the studio and its lawyers. It is our hope that we’ll be able to convince Fox to change their stance and allow us to repost the review. Keep watching this page for more updates.

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