Christian Bale The Fighter
You Don't Always Need To Be The Lead
We know, you've been playing the plucky friend for a while now (Delivery Man, The Five-Year Engagement). And with Guardians of the Galaxy, you've proven to be an out-of-this-world leading man. But don't get so caught up in the glory of the spotlight that you forget how rich those roles can be.

Example: Christian Bale (The Fighter)
The Welsh actor became an icon and god to fanboys worldwide through The Dark Knight trilogy. But he didn't let that go to his head. In 2010, he took a smaller role, playing second banana to Mark Wahlberg in David O. Russell's The Fighter. Not only did he deliver a hell of a performance, he won an Academy Award for this supporting role.

From here, you're sure to be offered a flood of exciting projects. Keep an eye out for that one that might not be the big role, but could be a great one.

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