Last night director Zack Snyder, his producer and wife Deborah Snyder, and at least two real-live owls rolled into New York City to present footage from Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole, the animated adventure film that Snyder made because, well, he felt like it and can do pretty much what he wants. I was on hand to watch the footage and get my picture taken with one of the owls, but only Coming Soon's Ed Douglas managed to track down Deborah Snyder herself and get some news about another of the couple's upcoming projects, the action fantasia Sucker Punch.

Right before the Fourth of July holiday we heard from Zack himself that he was reconsidering converting Sucker Punch into 3D, and now Deborah has essentially confirmed it, telling Coming Soon that early tests of the 3D conversion haven't been up to either Zack or Deborah's standards, and since it all looks pretty good in 2D anyway, they may as well not risk screwing it up by adding that extra layer. The implication seems to be that neither wants the movie to pull a Last Airbender or Clash of the Titans, slapping on shoddy 3D just to make the few extra bucks on ticket prices.

The movie isn't scheduled for release until March 25 of next year, which gives Warner Bros. plenty of time to twist Snyder's arm and make him accept the 3D since, well, that's the way the world works right now. But it's amazing to imagine Snyder sticking to his guns and becoming the first major director to first embrace then reject 3D for not looking as good as he expected. I can tell you first hand that the 3D effects on Legend of the Guardians is impressive, but the rules for animated movie conceived in 3D and a live-action movie converted after the fact are completely different. If Snyder can recognize that, and convince a major studio to see it his way, it'll be a major win for all of us sick of having 3D shoved down our throats whether it's any good or not.

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