The Flash
The Flash
Yes, yes, it makes sense that because Zack Snyder wants to digitally correct Scoot McNairy’s legs, he might be playing a version of The Flash on screen. That fits, for a number of different reasons. Snyder’s films is subtitled Dawn of Justice, and the rumors have been swirling for a while now that he will want to add characters like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and, yes, The Flash while building to this Justice League movie. One of the rumored solo projects Warner Bros. is believed to have on its plate is a Flash/Green Lantern team up, so introducing those heroes on screen (and soon) seems imperative. Pair that information with the knowledge that DC’s movie universe will NOT cross over with television programs like Arrow and The Flash, and it’s now vital that Snyder introduce a Flash to his cinematic world. Does that mean McNairy is it? Possible. He’d make an excellent Flash, whether they went old school with Jay Garrick, or updated his role to be that of Barry Allen. I’m not sure why Snyder would have his Flash wearing cubicle-drone wear, but maybe Scoot has to burst into action at sonic speeds, leading to the green socks on this stellar character actor.

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