You mentioned that approaching that scene in particular with comedy was not the proper thing for you, and most of you career you have spent doing drama – some with touches of comedy. But have you ever thought about making a more straight comedy?

Yeah, I’m not like super funny [laughs]. I’m not like good at, I mean I’m not good at being slapstick, like bam-bam joke, punch line here, but I just don’t know, for me, things are funny when they’re real and those are the kinds of things I laugh at, but the film that I’m doing now has a lot of comedy built into it and so I’ve had to like embrace a lot of more typical comedic beats than normally and that’s been really fun and challenging for sure, because I’m, like you say, I tend to go more the dramatic route, but it’s been fun to embrace the funny side.

You’ve also been on television for a few years now. Does that have a certain effect on the way you look at different projects? Do you try and do something completely different from what you’re doing regularly?

I do. I think it’s important to switch it up and for people to see you in different ways, especially when you’re young. It makes that transition into being an adult much easier when you’re not pinpointed as one character or the other. But, for me, I don’t know, I just try to do cool projects where I feel like I can be good. If it’s a scenario that I feel like I can be good in, I’m like ok, let’s give it a try.

What kind of stuff do you really try to challenge yourself with?

The types of stuff, I mean, I love stuff that sort of gets people thinking, like intellectual type of material, where it’s not just so in your face. There’s some layers underneath, because then I think you can, for me, when I’m working, the most fun thing is not being able to just have one idea of what a scene is or who a character is or one way of attacking something. So, if there’s a lot of underneaths and you know, just a different layer, different tone, then you can attack it from different ways. You can play, you can riff, you can figure out the exact tone of the scene in the scene, while doing it, as opposed to preplanning an idea.

And is the movie you’re working on now Tomorrowland still? I know there’s a bit of secrecy around it, but can you talk a little bit about your character?

Yeah, I play a young girl named Casey and she’s like a highly intellectual young girl and she’s just this average girl who has a really simple life and then kind of gets drug out of her simple life and gets thrown into a very crazy situation.

How fantastical does it really get?

It is what everyone is hoping it will be in that way, but there’s so many different aspects to the movie. I mean, it’s hard to say without saying anything, because we’re not allowed to say anything about anything, but it’s fantastical and it’s sweet and it’s funny and it’s scary and it’s all of those things that you hope it will be, hopefully.

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