Airbrushing is a godsend for most models and actors. Who cares if you are getting older, so long as they can erase your age lines? Eternal youth is evidenced on every newsstand in America. But when you start airbrushing publicity stills for movies, you are going a step too far.

MTV has posted a new image from the upcoming Johnny Depp/Angelina Jolie thriller The Tourist, and it looks as though Depp's skin has the texture of a Ken doll. Sure, Depp is 47 years old now, but I don't know a single person that could pass a lie detector test saying that he looks like he's pushing 50. Do they really think that people won't go see The Tourist if Depp has a single wrinkle on his face? This isn't some outrageous scandal by any means, but it is kind of sad.

Check out the image below or head over to MTV to see it full-size.

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