Sometimes movie featurettes can give you detailed glimpses behind the scenes of a particular film, with insight about why it was made and how the cast came to be involved. And sometimes they're just trailers, with cast "interviews" subbing for a narrator or clips cut together in a way so that you can tell what the film is about. The new featurette about Despicable Me sent to us is definitely the latter.

Which isn't to say it's bad-- I actually hadn't realized that Jason Segel was voicing a supervillain who's competing with Steve Carell's character Gru for world domination, so that's a match-up to look forward to. And hey, Julie Andrews is doing a voice in this movie? Definitely another step in the right direction. The featurette reiterates the major plot of the movie, which finds Gru forced to take care of three little girls, but still doesn't really explain why that's the plot. We've seen many family comedies about gruff men forced to take care of unruly kids, and it's still not clear what Despicable Me will add, aside from a few superweapons.

Either way, check out the featurette embedded below and let us know if it changes your mind about the film, which right now seems to be strictly kid stuff. Despicable Me opens July 9.

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