I’ll be the first admit I’ve been quite harsh to both James Cameron and 3D Technology, but honestly, there’s no denying Cameron’s visual talent or the awe-inspiring potential of the third dimension in the correct context. In fact, I cannot wait to see Tron: Legacy in 3D. If ever a movie were built for the newest and most fascinating in technology, it’s that one. Then again, there’s also Cameron's new Cirque Du Soleil film.

According to Deadline, James Cameron and Narnia director Andrew Adamson will be joining forces with Cirque Du Soleil on a number of projects, the first off which will be a 3D movie. We still don't have a ton of information since we reported to you last, but the studio was kind enough to give us a vague plot synopsis. “There are worlds beyond dreams, illusion and imagination, where human beings are capable of anything. Where love rules, and everything your heart yearns for is beautifully, incredibly real.”

Here's what Cameron had to say about the project:
"Shooting with the Cirque du Soleil team has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my professional life. For years I've been a fan, both of their celebration of human physical performance and for their wild imagination in the designs of characters, costumes, music and unparalleled theatrical staging. They've built a global brand, and it's a unique opportunity for me, and my 3D partner Vince Pace, to bring the Cirque du Soleil experience to a world wide audience through the magic of 3D cinema. The images we've been shooting are stunning, and I know Andrew Adamson will weave them into a transporting, dreamlike narrative which will mesmerize audiences of all ages, around the world."

There’s no telling where the hell this strange project will end up, but I’m picturing an almost Fantasia-like stage production with loosely connected vignettes. I would see that once. In 3D. Your move, Tron 3: At Bit’s End.

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