When examining the validity of a rumor, I find it best to think of the whole thing like a sandwich. The idea itself is the bread. The actors are the ingredients. Then I mentally construct said sandwich in my head and decide first, would the ingredients really agree to be in this sandwich and secondly, if they did, would Subway try to sell American on buying this sandwich? Sometimes the whole thing fits quite nicely. Tom Hanks (bacon) + Julia Roberts (lettuce) + Phillip Seymour Hoffman (tomato) in a dramedy about a wild politician involved in the Cold War (wheat). Perfect. But sometimes if a few pieces are absent, it’s not as clear cut as a BLT.

Last year, rumors started to fly that Will Ferrell (ketchup) was going to appear in a Spanish language comedy (hoagie). This struck a lot of people as idiotic, but now, with the additions of Diego Luna (smoked sausage) and Gael Garcia Bernal (macaroni n cheese), the whole thing might turn out to be one strange, messy pile of deliciousness.

According to Collider, the still untitled comedy will follow Ferrell as a lifelong farm hand who enlists the help of his brother (Diego Luna) and his fiancé (Genesis Rodriguez, pepper) to bail the family homestead out of financial problems. Unfortunately, the scheme goes awry when Ferrell falls in love with the fiancé and his brother stars war with a Mexican drug lord (Bernal).

The whole sandwich is very much still in the construction stages, but that doesn’t mean I’m not hungry for it. Word on the street is it also may involve intentional overacting from all parties, but that’s still yet to be verified. Go ahead and get out some chips and dip, it might be awhile.

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