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Martin Scorsese, who I will now feel guilty for liking after his support of child rapist Roman Polanski, is planning a Frank Sinatra biopic. That this would happen always seemed almost inevitable and though we’ve known about it for months, what we still don’t know is who he’ll cast to play America’s most iconic Italian-American crooner. Everyone from Jamie Foxx to Johnny Depp to George Clooney has been rumored, but here’s one more name to throw in the hat. You guessed it, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Actually I’d just sort of assumed DiCaprio would end up with the part, since, he seems to end up with the lead in every Scorsese movie. But now the Guardian is throwing a little fuel on that fire. They claim Leo is battling it out with Johnny Depp and George Clooney for the part. They say that Depp is the choice of the studio, Clooney is the favorite of Sinatra’s daughter Tina, and Leo probably has pictures of Scorsese naked on top of a horse or something.

The real hitch in the project is that Scorsese isn’t interested in a whitewashed version of Sinatra, but instead may focused on the boozy, violent side of the Rat Pack’s head honcho. This of course, isn’t going over well with Sinatra’s family. This is a good thing. Generally, what the family wants is an awful, unrealistic movie. If the family hates it, then odds are Scorsese has a good movie. That is, if he casts the right lead. Truly, he’s probably better off going with none of those guys and instead, maybe he should consider hiring some unknown who can, you know, sing. Sorry Johnny, Sweeney Todd was fun, but you’re no Frank Sinatra.