If there’s one thing Leonardo DiCaprio has shown over the course of his career, it’s never to bet on a sure thing. The star was propelled into super-stardom with Titantic, despite having much higher quality roles under his belt by that point in his career. So how did he follow up the romantic career maker? The Man in the Iron Mask which was ill received for the most part. Since then, DiCaprio has been quite varied in his role selection, picking both “hits” and “misses,” but without much consistency to what he picks, unless it involves working with Martin Scorsese.

That’s why I don’t find it as hard to believe that Leonardo DiCaprio may be in talks to join a film whose biggest name until now was Vinnie “the Juggernaut” Jones. The suggestion that the two are on board the same project comes courtesy of Moviehole, who really seems to have a problem with the idea. Who knows, this is the age of the Internet after all, and they’ll be the first to admit their source isn’t the most credible. But is it so hard to believe the Blood Diamond actor would get involved in a film about the Irish defending their land against Vikings? Hell, Vikings are in right now. Just ask Karl Urban or Sean Bean.

Presumably, DiCaprio would play Brian Boru, the last undisputed high king of Ireland who led his people to freedom against a Viking invasion. I’m betting Jones is probably on the Viking side. They seem to have a penchant for Lord of the Rings stars, so why not an X-Men cast member?

Freedom Within the Heart is slated to begin filming early next year. Whether DiCaprio will be a part of that filming will remain to be seen. I just hope that if he is doing it, his Irish accent is better than the one he used in Blood Diamond.

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